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ASL Immersion Camp 2018

Reminder of a week to go until ASL Immersion Camp 2018 !


Importance of ASL.

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The Tactile Experience and Language

The Travels of an ASL Learner

[Image Description: A photo of a white man in a white shirt and plaid tie from the waist up is located on the right side of the picture next to vertical text that reads “Robert Sirvage.” One the left side, three paragraphs of information indicate the title of the lecture, a description of the lecture topic, and a biography of the presenter. This picture is of an advertisement for a lecture in ASL given at a university.]

Today I went to this lecture, which was given in American Sign Language (ASL). I was a bit nervous given the very technical English title of this lecture, “From Stimulus to Shared Representation: Non-representational Convergence as a Foundation.” My knowledge of the DeafBlind world is basic at best, and the description of the lecture’s topic in the flyer only made some sense to me. Surely, this talk might end up being quite technical and…

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Rhyme in ASL

Think a visual language such as ASL (American Sign Language) does not have rhyme? Think again! This video demonstrates one way to translate the first two lines of the common old English nursery rhy…

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Test post

This is a test post – my first post